Forward Focus

Forward Focus | Kevin Breeding

As a leader, it is crucial to know what to focus upon and when.  The number of distractions as you grow your business can be overwhelming and even devastating if left unchecked.


That is why I share this Mindset for Today.


The principle behind it is to focus on who you serve and why.  Then, dive deep to understand why people buy from you and why people trust you and your brand.


That may sound far too simple, but it is a powerful truth.  People buy and trust you for a reason.  Focus on that.


Sure, know what your competition is up to, but do not fixate on them alone. If you focus exclusively on your competition, you often end up far too similar.

So, know what they are up to but focus on who pays you and why.

The more intimately you know your customers, the more loyal they will be.  Plus, the way you speak to your customers through your marketing will better and better.


It’s a win-win.


Think about that.

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