Flaws Are an Incredible Resource

The beauty of having a growth mindset is that anything that you need to work on is merely an action step for you.

Successful entrepreneurs are continually growing, constantly thinking, and they never stop trying. And as a result, they may fail or something may not go quite as planned.

Truly successful, visionary entrepreneurs embrace the struggle, and embrace lessons learned because they realize their success is birthed out of their struggles and failure.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the hype of those who make multiple millions by building their own companies. We all want that.

But how do you get to the level of those at the top?  What can you do today that will jump you forward in your journey toward freedom and success?

I submit to you that it is brutal honesty.

My experience, personally, as well as with my group and 1:1 coaching, is that most all of us buy our own hype.  We gladly sell ourselves on our future success without honing in on what inadequacies we have at the moment.

Rockstar entrepreneurs see what they cannot do, and find ways to overcome that – through hiring, personal development, with a coach, or just building their business in a way that makes their struggle moot.

Other than money or time, what is keeping you from your next success? 

Think about that.

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