Failure: The Word Bomb

Failure: The Word Bomb | Kevin Breeding

I’ve talked several times throughout the Mindset Engine group that failure is merely a beginning. It’s not an ending.

Failure is only detrimental to you if you’ve given up. Failure’s a place where wisdom happens. Failure’s a place where success is birthed. It helps us understand what went wrong, but it helps us understand how we might do things differently or better. I look at failure in a very different way than I did early on in my life.

For years I was limited, I was confused, I was frustrated because I would hang on and chew on failures. I’ve now come to a place that I realize all failures are in the past. Because once you’ve failed, that moment is gone, and now you have an opportunity to go and do something differently by trying a different method, a different process, a different whatever.

I’ve gone through times where my businesses have gone up in flames, and I’ve also gone through times where my businesses have succeeded and created great personal wealth for me.

I’ve also had times where relationships completely failed and where relationships were at the height of the high. The difference in it is understanding that the effort that I put forward and the wisdom that came from past failures helps me to make sure that I never repeat those again.

Now does that mean that I’ll not have failure in the future? Of course, not.

It means I have wisdom and understanding to see potential failure coming and to change course.
Failure followed by analysis results in wisdom.

Think about that.

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