Expectations Without Agreement

Expectations Without Agreement | Kevin Breeding

This concept is a core tenet of my coaching model.


I know for a fact that the greatest challenge that befalls any relationship whatsoever is expectations without agreement. I can apply this quote in my business, in my family, in my relationships with my kids, even in the conversation I have with myself.


Without that clarity, conflict is guaranteed.


If we have unclear expectations, we are projecting inaccurate expectations onto someone else and it is very easy for them to disappoint us or for us to disappoint them.


I would challenge you that if you have a conflict going on in any area of your life, the way to solve it is to sit down and clarify expectations with an agreement.


Everybody needs to know what is expected and what success looks like.


The benefit to you is clarity, power, strength, less stress, and a freedom of thought you will not recognize.


If you have a relationship—business or family—that is draining you instead of feeding you, I will wager you are swimming in expectations without agreement.


Think about that.

(Here is a hint:  Look inward first before assuming the conflict is coming from someone else.)



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