Excuse Me, I Have a Question

The power of an inquisitive mind is remarkable. Not only do we learn constantly, but also, we discover additional details and information beyond what we were searching for.

In my personal life as a lifelong learner, I am constantly on the hunt for a better way to do this or that.  But I am also surprised, when I search, by the expertise and wisdom that I find from teachers everywhere.

But the key with all this new knowledge is to keep a solid perspective.  Just because we learn something new today, that does not mean that we through our current tasks or efforts out the window and start new.

All too often, we get scattered that way.

That is why we are encouraged to learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow. And in all things, question constantly.

My thinking is that if it was good enough for the brilliant mind of Albert Einstein, then it is something I should adopt as well.

Think about that.

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