Easy to Hear, Hard to Know

Easy to Hear, Hard to Know | Kevin Breeding

Although it seems impossible, this Mindset for Today is spot on.  It is all too easy to get caught up in circumstances that may not go the way we want them to.


But do not fear.  Our response has a huge part in determining how things turn out.


It may feel like life or the world is against you. But the good news is to know that the outcome is directly related to how you respond to the situation, much more so than just the situation itself.


That is not to say that if we just believe something to be true that we can change the things we face. However, we can absolutely alter the path and severity of all challenges we face.


That is why, when staring down a challenge, I now remind myself that my response is most important.


I simply pause, take a breath, and ask myself, “What is the worst possible thing that can happen?”

Surprisingly, the answer to that question is usually far less dangerous than my imagination had made it out to be.


Think about that.

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