Define, Destroy, or Strengthen

Trials are common to us all. Yet, the outcome can be dramatically different between you, me, or another entrepreneur on this journey.

Our response to success AND failure is telling attribute about where we might end up.

We all know entrepreneurs who have “made it” in their industry and subject, and end up penniless after blowing everything they have earned like a Powerball Lottery winner.

Conversely, we all know entrepreneurs like us who never seem to allow themselves to succeed, always falling prey to self-defeating habits and tactics.

The good news is that most all of these traits can be developed, honed, perfected, and leveraged to our benefit rather than our detriment.

It took me years to discover this. I spent a life convinced that if I just work longer and harder than everyone else, I would win. Little did I know that if I only knew how to leverage my mindset, I would have gotten there years earlier and with far more joy.

So how do we do that?

The primary key in my experience is perspective and a view that is not wrapped up in time.

Perspective in the sense that we can see more than the immediate circumstance at once. And “thinking beyond time,” to allow us to breathe, step back and realize that what we are facing at the moment, almost always will not overtake us.

Of course, we have to address issues quickly, but our perspective helps us stay away from worry and stress which can limit our creative power.

Our mindset is the path that gives us that “space” between our lives and our challenges.

Think about that.

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