Clarity, Renewal, and Vision 365

I have taken a fair bit of time away from my coaching to just renew my head and get clarity about where I want it to go.  if you have followed me for any length of time, you will remember that I am also in leadership at an agency that does large scale, international fundraising for humanitarian work.

So, I have focused on the agency and my coaching clients, but been mulling over how best to serve you going forward.

In the coming days, there are several new things I am going to introduce for the purpose of serving you better.  I know that owning/starting a business is a gigantic task while also remaining committed to family, health, and frankly finding time to get your head back to center.

It.  Is.  Tough.

I know.  I have been there several times—and in fact, have been there over this last little stretch.  So as a way to share what I can of my journey. I thought it might be helpful to you to share the process I have been using.  I call it my Vision 365.

  1. First I start with a single piece of paper and draw a straight line directly down the middle of the page.
  2. Then, on the left side, I write out in detail all the things I would like to see happen in my business (my coaching) this year.
  3. Next, on the right side, I write out in detail all the things I would like to see happen in my personal life this year.  Everything I want…
  4. Finally, I turn the page over, date it 365 days from today (February 19, 2017), and I write a journal entry, IN PAST TENSE, that talks about all the things that have happened this year and all that I have gotten done.  I include everything on the lists from the front of the page.  (Yes, it feels a little bit weird at first.)  I even include thoughts about how it made me feel and what in my life has changed as a result of completing it all.

Now why does this work?  It is simple, Vision365 plants seeds in your subconscious mind that help you see and act upon opportunities as they come to you.  Things you would normally miss, but now your brain sort of wakes up and says, “Hey! This is a step in our achievement!”

You will be very surprised by how things come toward you rather than you having to chase them.

Give it a shot today, and then snap a pic and shoot it to me at email@kevinbreeding dot com   I would love to watch as you achieve your dreams this year!


Kevin is a husband to Susie, dad to Natalee and Mallory, step-dad to Carlea and Abbie, a  life-long musician, avid photographer, political junkie, internet addict, and developing author. Connect via Twitter  or Facebook or via Linkedin.  To request a free 20-Minute Breakout Call, click here.



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