Clarity On Purpose

Clarity On Purpose | Kevin Breeding

We can drive our business this way or that—it is your choice.


It was a tough choice for me. Not because I was not sure that I was a creator, but rather because I was unsure and unresolved in my gut.  So, I spent years in the comparison game.


I tried to mimic and copy just about everybody…except me.


Once I started being me, customers, clients, referrals, and speaking invitations started showing up out of the woods that used to be silent.


Wouldn’t you know it. Be you and people get it and respond.


Novel thought.


When we own who we are and what unique gifts we have to share, everything opens up for us.


Gone are the days of scrambling and fighting to break through the noise.  All of the sudden, the world wakes up and pays attention.


Maybe it is because the world could finally recognize us… us.


Think about that.

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