Moving Wishful Thinking Into Resolutions

Change: Moving Wishful Thinking Into Resolutions

We are in the season where everyone asks about New Year’s resolutions – losing weight, working less, going back to church, saving more, etc.  We have all been there, made the statement, and then broken it before the first weekend of the New Year.

But what about those folks who make lasting change?  How do they do it?  Are their resolutions better crafted?

In all honesty, I have experienced miserable failure, as well as euphoric transformations with resolutions of the past.  So what makes the difference?

Transformative change, whether personally or at an organizational level, requires several key ingredients to have lasting impact.  Consider these keys for your success:

  1. SMART Stated Outcomes – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based.   Without being “SMART,” goals tend to meander and get lost in business or substitute activity.
  2. Affirmation Tools – For genuine and continuous change, build in specific affirmation mechanisms that will encourage you or your team.  Whether a half-pound lost, or a more effective sales closing ratio, everyone enjoys a solid pat on the back with an ‘Atta boy’ or ‘Atta girl.’
  3. Digestible Pieces – Annual goals are best attained via monthly or quarterly segments rather than one giant tote board.  Losing 50 pounds happens more effectively with concentric measurements of a pound or two at a time with corresponding rewards.  The concept of eating an elephant one bite at a time definitely applies to this tool.  Break down your goal into small, measurable, reward-based steps.
  4. Internalize the Goal  It is easy to throw a sales goal or a health-related goal up on the board.  Unless you are honestly impassioned to reach it, the outcome will be mediocre if the needle moves at all.  Ask yourself, “Am I really prepared to do what it takes to achieve….?”
  5. Visualize the Outcome – Pro Athletes and successful entrepreneurs share this key to overwhelming success.  Each sees the outcome.  Golfers often visualize the shape of the shot, the bounce, and the roll out of the ball to execute well.  In the same vein, the most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs fully see the post success celebration and how it impacts their life, the team, or those served.

Are you making cliché resolutions this year or are you making specific plans with measurable actions that will culminate in your reaching beyond.  Successful visionaries use these principles by the moment to achieve greatness.

Are you driving for success?

Happy New Year!   Let’s go get it together!

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