The Secret in Doing the Work

“The person who does the work is the only one who learns.”

That’s a powerful statement in a day and age when everything comes digitally. Life and work come faster, and often seemingly with less effort.

With that in mind, it is important for us to realize that hard work is still required.  Real value in what we deliver is not something that can be delegated or glossed over.

Real work is where the wisdom is.

Now, there are those who might appear to have a Midas touch and those who might seem to struggle through everything that they do. I would challenge you that the difference between those two in many cases is the position and the mindset.

I’ve had seasons of my life where I felt like I could not get anything right, and I was allowing my mind to tell me I couldn’t get anything right.

Since understanding that I have the ability to focus my mind, I know use my psychology, physiology, vision, heart, and passion for turning what I want to have happen into reality. By applying true mindset and focus, solutions become rather obvious most of the time.

Mindset is a key that takes us from a place of being good to being fantastic, from being solid to being stellar.

Mindset gives us the ability to transcend the just normal and be more effective, more powerful, more wise in everything that we do. The people that we serve, our customers and clients, see that and they want more of it.

Take Action:

In what posture is your mindset? Take the next seven days and keep a journal of your words. Record your own phone calls if you have to and listen to how you describe your work and your life.  Listen for flag words like can’t, don’t, stuck, tired, out of time, and other limiting phrases.

This exercise may feel a bit trivial, but I assure you that small limits we set in our minds hold us back from tons of successes.  It made all the difference in my life.

Think about that.

Understanding WHY

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that they are their biggest cheerleader AND their most prominent critic and naysayer all at the same time.

The secret of those who rise above the rest is their ability to control what voice they allow to remain in the head.

Just the other day in one of my 5-Day Sprint groups, we were discussing our Whys and what it is that drives us forward as entrepreneurs.

My WHY is:  I make sense of things.

Now that may sound overly simple, but once I realized that I have a gift for making sense of things, it quickly gave me a clear path to what I do now as a coach.

Once I discovered that I could take complex issues, dissect them, and create detailed plans to move forward, my choice to become a coach was simple—and Mindset Engine and the 5-Day Sprint model become an obvious solution.

Take Action:

At the end of your day, are you tired, frustrated, and drained?  Or are you energized, focused, and ready for more?

If you are like most, there is a mix.  However, if you are working in your WHY and creating a life of purpose, the energized days will far outweigh the draining days.

If you are not sure, I daily journaling session is a great way to get a good measurement of where you are.

Overlooking Simple Wins

Today’s Mindset quote is probably the most famous of all of the quotes we have in the app.  However, it is also most likely the most widely taken for granted.

How much sleep do you get?

Numerous studies have shown that we must get between 6 and 9 hours of sleep per night to be highly productive.  If you are like me, that number sounds impossible, right?

Here are the keys that I am working on the get better about my sleep habits:

 – Reduce caffeine after 2 pm with none after 5 pm

 – Hydrate with purified water

 – Reduce alcohol consumption overall, and none 3 hours before bed

 – No electronics for a minimum of 30 minutes before laying down

 – Bedroom should be dark and cool for optimum sleep

Take Action:

If sleep is a struggle for you, I encourage you to begin journaling your bedtime and sleep habits.  Keep a journal beside your bed and record when you lay down and when you rise.  Note water intake for the day, alcohol consumption, and any times that you awake during the night. 

Finally, note meal components, sugar intake, and times of day when you last eat. 

(Note: for those of us entrepreneurs who cannot shut off our brain, the journal is also happy to record ideas and questions, so that you can clear your mind and return to sleep.

10,000 Failures

Thomas Edison is credited with famously saying, “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that it won’t work.”

Today’s quote is attributed to his exploration in the development of the light bulb. Now, I don’t know if those exact words are his, but I do know there were thousands upon thousands of attempts.

This perseverance is a direct reflection of Edison’s focus and effort.

Edison knew that there was an impactful invention to be had and that it was up to him to create it, to share it with the world.

As entrepreneurs, we must come to a place that we MUST deliver our teaching, coaching, or products, otherwise, we are doing a disservice to our customers, followers, and tribe.

Now, I enjoy coaching. But now I realize that if I don’t help the people with the skills I have, I am not serving them.  I have to help them.

That is a big part of why I built Mindset Engine. I know that a daily focus routine and proactively paying attention to how you think and act, your life and business will change.

You may be struggling. You may be at a place where you just had a massive failure. That’s fine. You have just experienced one attempt that you won’t fall into that trap again. Now you can move to the next possible solution.

Think about that.

Discovering Life Purpose

Perhaps the highest level of success is becoming clear about your life’s purpose.  Many entrepreneurs have spent a lifetime of work and achievement only to end up with money, but no life, no family, and no real sense of purpose.

I submit to you that life’s purpose is the highest calling to every human being. 

Like many, I spent years running after the title, the fortune, and the personal achievement that I desired, only to realize that genuine satisfaction, joy, and completeness come from walking out your life’s purpose in real time.

Perhaps you are to feed the hungry, train and educate the young, rescue the downtrodden.  As with many, it may be to invest in your family or some other young person.

Whatever your life’s purpose may be, I know it is much higher than another million dollar launch.  The personal purpose is more noble, more impactful, and more procreative than simply making money.

What drives you? Although you may be in the building phase of your business, I encourage you to look beyond to discover your life’s purpose.

Take Action:

Consider this diagram:

Take a few minutes and write out what gifts, talents, and products that you have that fill in each section – The World Needs It; You Are Paid for It; You Are Great At It; and, You Love It.  Look for the cross section that feeds you when you work on it. 

Am I the Only One?

Just last week, I was at an event for entrepreneurs who all have 7-figure businesses and above. 

And after dinner on the second night, I ended up sitting at the bar talking to one of the members of the group who was frustrated and uninspired with where their life and business was going.

She is a highly successful instructor in the health and fitness space and has all the world going for her. After a while of talking through things, she finally leaned in and whispered, “am I the only one here lost in my business?”

I grinned and assured her that every single person in the group feels that way from one time to another. She did not believe me but nodded to acquiesce.

The next morning in our next group session with 40 of the top internet marketers out there, the first person spoke and said – “I have my next launch ready to go and I know it is a million-dollar launch, but I am still scared.  I mean, what happens if I open the cart and there are crickets chirping?”

I grinned and looked at my friend, nodded in affirmation, and made a note to myself.

We all get scared.  Being an entrepreneur means you have to put yourself out there.  In fact, as I pen this post, there is a voice of fear in my head over Mindset Engine. 

But I believe in this tool.  I know Mindset Engine can help you.  I have to put it out there.  I will improve it as I go.

I encourage you to do the same.  You are not the only one!

Think about that.

A Common Misunderstanding

EASY is a concept often misunderstood. People are always looking for the magic bullet. Many are looking for a short cut or path that gets them something with relatively no effort.

When you talk to people who are wildly successful in business and entrepreneurship, the truth becomes very clear.

Easy is something that you create. It’s a combination of hard work and learning. It understands that for you to get where you want to go, you have to have the right mindset to start. You have to have the right strategic model to follow and disciplined action. You have to do the hard work.

Hard work is much more about doing the right things for the right reason at the right time.

Are you creating easy for yourself or are you looking for easy for yourself? One of them will give you success.

Think about that.

The Power of Your Vision

One of the interesting things I find when talking with lead athletes in the world is that they share many tools and processes.  And the most common it one is the idea of mental visualization.

A golfer, before they hit a shot will see themselves hitting the ball in the perfect way to achieve its desired path. Quarterbacks, whenever preparing for games will visualize the patterns of the receivers running backs moving into space where the passes are thrown.

This visualization is paramount for high performing success.

In a similar fashion as entrepreneurs and business professionals, our mind can open and close doors for us because if we have the ability to envision ourselves winning, seeing ourselves achieving all we have planned.

That is why we often procrastinate. We know something’s not right. We know something is not fully prepared.

What happens then is that we end up being afraid which results in fear and limited thought.

Take Action:

Envision yourself succeeding. Think about winning and the emotion of what it feels like to be successful.  When you do, your mind will unlock incredible ability and skill that will help you achieve your goal.

As long as you follow up that vision with disciplined action, your mind will unlock more doors than you can imagine.

Mindset first – action immediately after.

Think about that.

Well-Intentioned Roadkill

Will Rogers is a significant icon of American history. His comment today, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there,” is very simple and yet truly profound.

What a great reminder for us all. We can have all the wisdom in the world.

We can have the best plans in the world. But if we procrastinate and don’t take actions—if we don’t take the risk of stepping out or getting out of our comfort zone—we absolutely will get run over anyway.

I know several inventors who had great ideas that could have changed the world. But because they were so afraid that someone might steal their idea or they were unable to find a partner that could help them market or to manufacture it, they ended up taking those inventions to the grave.

It’s important for you to understand that even when you have the best of everything ready to go, you are not finished until you take the first step. Why not start today?

Think about that.

Best Place, Right Path

You are in the best place in your life to start.

Even though it may not feel like it, you are in the perfect spot to begin the journey to your success. 

Let’s face it.  We all have droves of interests, distractions, and roadblocks that try to keep us from where we want to be.   And as a result, we have to make a decision:

Are we to be defined by our goal or by our struggle?

For quite some time, I allowed myself to be defined by my struggle.  I was habitually dogged by the, “I don’t have enough time,” mindset.  I now know that viewpoint is a lie.

I have all the time in the world.  It is merely my priorities in how I use my time that needs work.

I spent years making excuses and beating myself up over my path, rather than just taking action and focusing on my goal.  Now, even on very busy days that are full of other business tasks, I make time for my goal—even if the smallest of steps, every day gets forward motion toward my goals.

And when setbacks occur, they are no longer failures.  Those setbacks are guiding lessons that get me one step closer to my goal.

Think about that.