Willing and Determined

WOW! The truth bombs just keep coming this week here at Mindset Engine.

Willingness to learn and sheer determination are required elements to any success. Without it, we will wander here and there, try a tone of things, and maybe, just maybe, find some success.

Instead, true winners take the necessary actions to learn what they need to learn (from trusted and proven advisors.) Then, they use that knowledge to jump forward when others simply stand about and dream.

With these two tools in your tool box, you will hit your goals.

So, what are you doing to find the right counsel?

What are you doing to remain focused and determined?

Winners consistently train to win. They never stop improving, less they fade into mediocrity.

I do not want that for you, nor do I believe you do either.

Now go win.

Think about that.

Required Struggle

None of us like to struggle or face challenges.  We all want easy, smooth sailing all the time on way to our dreams.

But when you really think about it, all gain, learning, and progress forward comes more often out of adversity than it does from success.

Rarely do we learn the gold lessons in life from a time with everything is going beautifully.

So, what would life be like if we learned to embrace adversity and see it for what it is—a refining and molding of us toward our success?

How would your perspective and response change?

From personal experience, I can tell you that this idea made a significant difference in my life when I came to accept it.

Adversity is going to come, so why wouldn’t we prepare to gain from it rather than run, avoid, and ignore it.

I know the results for you will be far better when you do.

Think about that..

Pursuing Greatness

The leadership and experience that we bring into our lives as mentors and coaches makes all the difference in how we get to our dreams and goals.

Now, in full disclosure, as your author, Kevin Breeding, I am a professional mentor and coach for entrepreneurs and leaders.

But I will say that the role of the coaches and mentors I have invested with heavily over my life has made all the difference in the world.

We all need that experience and savvy that only a coach and mentor can bring.

The right mentor has been where you are, gotten significant results, taught others, and seen those others achieve similar or greater success.

ANY ONE who has not done all three of those steps above, is not qualified to receive your money—no matter how good their marketing material may sound.

Caveat Emptor.

Think about that.

How Far Can You Jump?

Let’s face it. We can plan and think and consider and map out and do a million other things before we stop and take action. Why is that?

All too often we get enamored with the thought of success that we forget to actually take the leap of faith and get going.

Now, I will tell you as a person of faith, a true “Leap of Faith” is not a hope for the best jump.  No—a true leap of faith is action based upon what you know in your life that is certain, upon which you can base your jump.

I do not believe in blind faith, but rather well-tested faith that gives us certainty.

That way, when we are backed into a corner or when we are standing on the precipice of big move in our life, we can do so with confidence.

That leap of faith is not our last resort—at least it should not be.

Think about that.

Life on Purpose

This week at Mindset Engine is packed with wisdom.

Are you living on purpose or on dreams? That is a great question.

I know so many hard-working entrepreneurs and leaders who strive and spend a great many hours of effort to achieve their dream.

How many actually work to achieve their purpose? What about you?

Those with purpose know why they are doing what they do. They know what they need to be doing—down to the minute—and, are clear about measuring their results.

Dreamers simply think about their outcome but fail to build the necessary clarity steps to know what to do when.

As a result, great minds achieve their purpose will other sit on the sidelines frustrated.

Where are you?

Are you actively and methodically building your dream on purpose or are you hoping, wishing, and praying for a lightning strike to reach you new success?

One will work. One will frustrate.

Choose wisely.

Think about that.

Important Ingredient

This is an important saying around here at Mindset Engine. 

Not only is happiness a choice, it is easily obtained by focusing on the thoughts you allow inside. Be careful.

I know, at first, it sounds silly and far too easy.  But truthfully, the way you approach life and the thought you allow in your mind will absolutely have a fantastic impact.

Of course, we will all have tough days and occasional challenges, but it is our response to those challenges that produces internal joy and happiness.

Our responses are a direct descendent of the thoughts and information we consume and hang on to.

So how do you know what you are currently allowing in your mind?

Fortunately, simply by asking a question like this, you open up your psyche to noticing your thought consumption easily.

As a little song in my childhood used to teach, “Oh be careful little eyes what you see. Oh be careful little ears what you hear…”

Serious truth in that if you want consistent happiness.

Think about that.

The Secret

Today’s Mindset is one of those hidden gems of success that so, so many (including me) missed early on in business AND in life.

As a huge goal setter, I have always had big dreams, but often failed to meet them. Enter the Mindset for Today.

By focusing on the process and the plan for the giant goal—rather than the goal—you actually have an exponentially better chance of achieving your desired goal.

Funny, huh?

Instead, we get bogged down in constantly dreaming about the goal rather than actually following the process to get there.

This singe simple truth has changed my life and business immensely. 

All you have to do is:

1) Set your Goal;

2) Decide the steps it is going to take to get there; and

3) From that point forward, focus on following the plan and continuously evaluate if your plan is on schedule or not. 

Then, simply tweak your process daily to reach your daily and weekly target. 

Momentum is that easy.

Think about that.

Claim the Time

There is no substitute for a clear vision and hard work.

No matter the goal or the topic, nothing ever happens if we just sit about and wait on things to happen. We have to get up and take action.

But to make the days count, you have to do much more than just take action.

The best way to reach a big goal is to break it down into smaller more achievable sections.

If you want to lose 40 lbs., state your goal, write it down, and then start working diligently on the next 5 lbs. off.

The same goes for business goals.  If you want to reach $1 Million, you break it down into $50,000s or $100,000s to get where you want to go.

If we focus only on the final goal, we will never experience real momentum and most likely will end up giving up.

Break it down, then blow it away.

Think about that.

And Yet We Still Do It

Today’s Mindset sounds almost absurd at first, however, I can assure you it is the most powerful once you truly understand it.

We would all love to believe that we are free from judgement and critique.  But we live in the real world, not the world that is portrayed on Facebook and Instagram.

As a result, it is critical to our future that we learn how to no listen to those you are not directly in our advisory realm.

Everyone has an opinion.  NONE of them should matter to you unless you have invited that person into your realm exclusively to seek their counsel.

Otherwise, you would do yourself wise to learn how to not hear and not see people’s opinion of us.

Yet, we still do it All. The. Time.

We often make the mistake of letting that one voice in when we should not.  Remember, no one can live in your mind unless you give them access.

Guard yourself.  Think about that.

Your Big Break

Every now and then lightning strikes. And when it does, the impact and the energy is amazing.

Now, I’m not talking about a weather incident. I am talking about your big break. 

So many of us fall prey to working for our big break. What we should be doing is making the intentional steps every day to get to our goal.

For one, our goal will happen sooner and with more certainty than if we constantly ‘swing for the fences.’

Far more fortunes are made as the result of steady solid effort than are ever made in a single moment of greatness.

So ask yourself…what are you building? What are your striving for?

I say…Dream Big, but Work Harder.

I have always found that when I set out to reach a goal, the more focused I am on the tasks and the process, the faster my dream goal arrives.

Funny how that happens, huh?

Think about that.