Saddle Up (If You Have the Chance)

Now you and I may not ever get the chance to be at the early stages of a Facebook-styled company.  But maybe that is not the opportunity we should be looking for.

But we SHOULD be looking every day for ours.

So what does your rocket ship look like exactly?

Well, here at Mindset Engine, my crystal ball is not quite that powerful, but I can tell you what made my aware and looking for the rocket ship that had my name on it. Here goes…

First, look for something that energizes you in a way that you are excited and motivated to do the work every day.

Second, be part of something that allows you to share you greatest talent or your biggest life experience to someone that needs it.

Third, look for what you would do for free if no one paid you.

Finally, fourth, seek out something that impacts and transforms the life of those you serve.  Where a product, course, training, experience, whatever—make it memorable and real.

You will love life and your clients and customers will love you and pay you well, too.

Think about that.

No Benefits from Being Sketchy

Most of us never quite go truly “all in” because we have not yet committed to a plan we believe in fully.

Oh, we may say it and give it lip service, but when the going gets tough, we give up all too easily.  The reason we do is that we do not really believe that our plan will actually get us to what we want.

Why do we do that?

One, most of the time we have not done the deep dive in information to make decisions we completely believe in.  At some level, we are guessing.

Two, we are terrified of the appearance of being wrong.  So if we take a squishy point of view, we give ourselves various ways to blame others if something doesn’t work.

Finally, three, when it all boils down to what is real, we are caught pretty much just wishing rather than digging in to doing the work that is proven to win.

It is time to stop sketching your future.  Instead, build it.

Think about that.

Bitter but Sweet

The power of the truth between friends is something truly amazing. It is nothing short of magical when one individual is free to openly invest in another with the truth versus empty words of a lie.

Even though we may not want to hear it at the time, the truth, told with respect, will be appreciated for weeks, months, and years to come.

So why would we ever lie?

Honestly, a lie says so much more about us and how we value (or de-value) the relationship of which we are being asked to weigh-in.

When we offer less than our truth, we are saying to the receiving individual that our fears of conflict and our apprehensions are more important to us than your well-being.

I do not know about you, but I want the truth no matter what.

So the next time someone blesses you with the truth—especially if you do not want to hear it at first—pause and thank them.  They just showed you how much you are worth to them.

Think about that.

Your REAL Wealth

For most, real wealth is not something that is realized until somewhat later in life.

No so much because of the time required to earn it. Rather, gaining wealth takes time because it is not recognized until after some experience has passed over you.

That is not to say that wealth is not for the young.  It completely is!  No, the challenge is that for most of us—including this writer—we are too busy chasing other things to see the absolute wealth that is just before us.

If only we could see that our mindset and our approach to everything determines so much about how things turn out.

In my life, as well as that of hundreds of business leader friends, it has been proven over and over again.

Our mindset will work for us, but if left untrained, it will work against us for certain.

Think about that.

A Mindset All Its Own

I think I could write a book of mindset principles all based upon the works of Dr. Seuss—simple in form but profound in meaning and application.

As is today’s Mindset for Today.

Knowledge and wisdom take us places.

So, what types of things are you actively doing to expand your knowledge and your experience in the world?

You should be building your mind for much more than just business, or for your family role as a mom or day, or just in areas of spirituality.

It is important that we expand our minds in every way we can imagine.

All too often, I run into business leaders and owners who are stuck in only doing things the way they have always been done. That is dangerous in every possible way.

The healthiest we can be includes a committed and balanced approach to continuous learning.

Think about that.

Open and Upward

You would not believe the power of a mind that is open and focused upward.

For years, researchers and scientists alike have proven that people with an optimistic view of possibility see far more opportunities than of those who are pessimistic and limited in their thought.

Although accomplishment requires far more than simple woo-woo thinking, having a positive mind that believes in possibilities is an enormous advantage in today’s world.

People who believe in possibility are not Pollyanna in their thinking.  Rather, when you believe in possibility, your subconscious is actually looking for it all of the time.

As a result, you find possibilities that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Conversely, those who live with a limited view often feel like nothing ever goes their way and that the world is working against them.  They often find it that way—solely because of their viewpoint rather than the actual situation.

Think about that.

Triumph in Overcoming

There is perhaps no greater feeling than the sense of accomplishment. And especially so when the win comes on the heels of facing adversity.

Coming through the fire and proven worthy in victory is an incredible confidence builder and reminder that you can carry for a lifetime.

I remember clearly what it was like when looking back over 12 months after the darkest period of my life.

You see, I had gone through a personal bankruptcy and a divorce within a six-month period.  I was at the darkest point I had ever been in my life. But in the twelve months that followed, I managed to re-build my business to a multiple six-figures.

Sure, the money and achievement felt great.

But more important, the feeling and confidence I gained in knowing that I was capable of re-building has been truly life changing.

Yes, I am very happy with where life is. But I am even more happy with the self-awareness of who I am and what I can do.

Power in triumph—remember your wins. (Especially the tough ones.)

Think about that.

Pleasure and Pain

We have two very clear markers in our mind that help us recall specific instances and experiences in our life.

Pleasure and pain.

Although learning through pain is far more common, we also set deep mental markers when we learn or experience something midst pleasure.

Not all pleasure is physical.  There are many emotions and memories that bring us pleasure as well as visual imagery such as a beautiful sunset or a field of flowers.

From a mindset standpoint, I have learned that re-wiring our brain is greatly aided when we pair our new habits with something of pleasure.

For example, I journal daily.  At times, I lose my momentum and motivation and have to re-train my habit.

To do so, I will make time to journal outside in a place that is particularly beautiful.  The visual stimuli becomes interwoven to the habit and the joined pleasure revives my desire to journal again.

I dare you to try it.

Think about that.

Lessons from…

It is a common theme here at Mindset Engine because it is universal to us all. All of us—no matter life station, wealth, or experience—learn from pain more than from abundance.

Perhaps we are learning equally, but when in times of peril, we are more aware of the magnitude of the lesson…I’m not sure.

However, I do know that from my life, as well as that of every other successful entrepreneur I know, suffering produces insights that create success.

So, in some ways, you can deduce that suffering is necessary FOR success.  What say you?

Otherwise, we would go through life in vanilla only and have a hum drum, non-eventful experience.

As for me, I do not want that.

I want adventure and surprise.  I want freedom and exploration to discover new ways to succeed and how to show up as my best me.

Without the journey, I would not exist—at least not in the manner that I do today.

So, as best you can, try to find joy and lessons in the struggle. You will need and want them later.

Be well.

Think about that.

Be Prepared

There are many tools and resources we can draw upon when committing to growing and changing our lives. 

None, however are as important as our self-image, confidence, and belief.

I know first-hand that it is not always the one with the best marketing or with the best looks. No, the victory usually goes to the one who believes in their dream most.

You see, the road to success is lined with the worn out efforts and dreams of those who were not fully committed to the plan.

All too often we say we want to achieve something, but fail to back it up with a realistic plan that we believe in.  And when adversity hits, we are left flat-footed and are paralyzed with doubt.

That is why I highly recommend that you work on your self-image and self-care. 

If nothing else, the adversity that I have experienced in my life, now assures me that I am capable of doing SO MUCH MORE than I ever thought possible.

You are incredibly strong.  I think you just needed someone to remind you of that.

Think about that.