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Catalyst U: Make THIS Time Be YOUR REAL Time

“I Don’t Know What to Do Next…”

I have heard this statement more times than I can count from entrepreneurs just like you. Others say, “I feel like I am swinging at everything and hitting nothing.”

If your business growth is frazzled, frustrating, and not hitting the numbers that you want, Catalyst U is designed for you.  Created directly from the challenges and comments of dozens of business builders who have yet to hit the $500K mark, these proven 7 Steps are the exact thing I did to get by business from a dream to a thriving entity.

At Catalyst U, we:

  • Develop a clear and reliable decision-making system to make the right decision at the right time
  • Create a simple to follow map of what to do next
  • Get to know your Ideal Client more intimately than ever before
  • Get paid to create your product or service while you prove its viability
  • Learn how to develop loads of content quickly and easily
  • Build a detailed action plan to track and produce real momentum

This 7-Week program is specifically designed to break you free of random and non-productive actions that are holding you back, while giving you clear and proven strategies and tactics to win.

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Here’s How it Works

Each Cohort progresses as a team with weekly training and workshop time via Zoom. A private Facebook group is designed to quickly and easily post homework and ask questions of Kevin and the other members.

In Catalyst U, you get:

  • 30-60 minute training session that includes exercises, resources, tools, and action steps.
  • Interactive Q&A and Hot Seats to help you and the group
  • Private Facebook group for collaboration, strategy, and encouragement.

Then, 30 days after the last training session, Kevin will schedule a live 1:1 check-in session to see how you are doing and what you need to change or adjust to get to your goal.

Signs the Catalyst U is for You:

Not reaching your desired goals

Uncertain about how to get to the next level

Scrambling for cash every month instead of steady growth

Frustrated that things are not getting done

Cannot seem to get off center and get started with your next move

Been thinking about the same step forward for month after month

Have a looming challenge that you have been ignoring

Know that scaling up requires a big next move

What others say about us…

Vanessa Carter

Why did I not know about this before? I sat stuck and did not take action for what seemed like forever! The framework gave me the confidence to face my dragon and slay it. Finally!

Vanessa CarterMarketing Consultant
Anna Ruiz

You told me over and over that my hesitation was an excuse. I hate it when you are right, and the framework proved it to me.  To think that in 5 days, I managed to solve what has been holding me back more than a year.

Anna RuizEntrepreneur
Kenny Ackerman

I have worked with Kevin as a marketing expert and now as a coach. His work to help me think differently about my leadership style has made a night and day difference in our gallery. Now it is time to adjust my goals up.

Kenny AckermanFine Art Gallery
Marcus Railey

Best money I ever spent! Kevin brought the perfect balance of business and life experience to the conversation. I swear there were time I thought he had hidden cameras around. Just what I needed and he helped me find a blind spot I didn’t even know I had.

Marcus RaileyWellness Coach