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Hitting a Wall
As You Try to
Grow Your Business?

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I Get It…I’ve Been There Too.

Do you dream of doing $100k, $200k, or even $500k in your business and beyond, but are frustrated that everything you try feels like hitting a brick wall? I get it.

Nine years ago, I experienced divorce and bankruptcy during the same six months and thought my life was finished. But over the next twelve months, I created a multi-six-figure business that quickly grew from idea to side hustle to my full-time business helping entrepreneurs just like you double, triple and even quadruple your business in a matter of weeks.

Catalyst U is a 90-day program built on the exact steps I took to go from complete devastation to building a thriving and authentic coaching and consulting business within a year.

In Catalyst U, you will discover:

  • Clarity Accelerator – Use the methods Google, Oracle, Apple, and others do, to make swift big-time decisions with clarity and confidence
  • Map It! – Create a clear and proven lead generation and sales conversion plan that works
  • Ideal Client (on Steroids) – Develop the products and services your clients want every time
  • Paid Beta – Learn how to develop and presale your products and service so you don’t waste time building something nobody wants to buy
  • Lightning Production – Build months of daily social media content in just a few short hours that attracts leads every day to your expertise
  • Massive Action Plan – Know exactly what to do for the next 180 days and what to measure to make sure you blow past your leads and sales goals every week

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Here’s How it Works

In Catalyst U, you get:

  • A 90-day program that includes 7 training sessions
  • A Live 1:1 MindMap strategy and discovery session with me
  • A weekly 60 to 70-minute training session chocked full of action steps you can implement immediately
  • Weekly Live Q&A and Hot Seats via Zoom to keep you moving forward faster
  • Private Facebook group for collaboration, strategy, and encouragement because let’s face it, building your own business can be lonely and it helps to know others are right where you are..

Then, 30 days after the last training session, you will schedule a live 1:1 check-in session with me to see how you are doing and what you need to change or adjust to get to your goal.

Stop trying to copy what you think everyone else is doing and take your business from chaos to clarity to consistent growth today with Catalyst U!

What others say about Catalyst U

Vanessa Carter

Why did I not know about this before? I sat stuck and did not take action for what seemed like forever! Catalyst gave me the confidence to face my dragon and slay it. Finally! I’ve landed two new clients and it is only week 3! Thanks, Kevin!

Vanessa CarterMarketing Consultant
Anna Ruiz

You told me over and over that my hesitation was an excuse. I hate it when you are right, and Catalyst proved it to me.  To think that in just 90 days, I managed to solve what has been holding me back more than a year. I am seeing dozens of new leads come in every week that are my exact ideal client—and they are ready to buy!

Anna RuizEntrepreneur
Kenny Ackerman

I have worked with Kevin as a marketing consultant and now as a coach. His work to help me think differently about my leadership style has made a night and day difference in our gallery. My business is up 258% over last year and it is just August!

Kenny AckermanFine Art Gallery
Marcus Railey

Best money I ever spent! Kevin brought the perfect balance of business and life experience to the conversation. I swear there were times I thought he had hidden cameras around. Just what I needed and he helped me find a blind spot I didn’t even know I had. I am closing 78% of my sales calls and getting better every week. Thanks!

Marcus RaileyWellness Coach