Can Desire and Gratitude Coexist?

Can Desire and Gratitude Coexist? | Kevin Breeding

A desire for things can be a great motivator but can also steal energy from our sense of gratitude for what we already have.

Wisdom teaches us how to balance these two forces and channel them into a healthy force to propel us forward.

It is from a sense of gratitude that we learn to value and respect what we have in a deeper and new way.  And my experience has been that the more grateful I am, the less I find myself “needing” more.  I simple am far more at peace and more satisfied by that which I have.

But, you and I both like new and nice things, right?

I try to focus on “new” things as rewards for my next goals.  Rather than just focusing on what I can buy for sheer want, I use them to help catapult me forward to my goals and achievements.

I HIGHLY recommend every attempt to find balance between what we have and what we want.

Think about that.


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