Better Questions, Better Answers

I was working on the content for Mindset Engine recently and realized that I had made a terrible mistake. The cost of that mistake was time, and was going to require me to rework elements of this project that were going to take a week and a half to two weeks to redo.

At first, I was frustrated, but then by paying attention to what I coach and teach on—the things that you hear and see in Mindset Engine—I realized that, although it was a mistake, it had given me the ability to question my process.

The result is that so that I have better answers, better results, and a better plan.

Once I went through and thought about what I really needed to be doing, based upon what I learned from my mistakes, I realized that the change would only take a day or two.

Our mind has the ability to trick us, and fool us into believing something is going to be more difficult than it is. We worry about things that, more than likely, will never happen.

Once we learn to open our mind to problem solving, and creativity, we are that many more steps closer than finding our highest and best success.

Think about that.

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