Best for Today…Again.

Best for Today…Again. | Kevin Breeding

If it would not bore you to death, I would make this Mindset for Today the post every single day. Every day needs to be “the day” that you let go of things in your past that no longer serve you.


All of us have faced hurts and frustrations that weigh on us over time.  The challenge and the mark of a real professional is the ability to take the notes to learn from, and then, discard the rest.


Easy to say, hard to do.


Somethings are easier to let go than others. And because of this, I choose to let go of things all the time.  It keeps me in the habit.


I am learning—let me say that again, “am learning”— to take the life notes from every circumstance and let go of the rest every day.


It takes effort and practice, but it will serve you well.

By learning from everything and releasing everything, I am learning to be more present in everything that I do.


I love my memories, but I am most interested in creating new experiences and new todays today.


Think about that.

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