Benefits of Mindset

I love being an entrepreneur. And, I especially love being an entrepreneur with a growth mindset.

Why? Once I figured out this key concept—once I focused on having a forward, upward, and motivated growth mindset—I realized that things happened more easily.

Now, it wasn’t because I suddenly became more talented.

Having a growth mindset opens your mind up to possibility.  Your creativity is heightened, and your awareness is greater.

I also learned that:

My health improved;

My desire to learn became stronger; and

My spirituality became deeper and far more curious;

Having a mindset that is open, versus a closed mindset, helps you function the way your body was designed to function.

Now, before we go too much farther, I want to clarify that I am not just talking about positive thinking.  Mindset is far more than that.

A real growth mindset has been trained to always look for possibility and has a more developed creativity and problem-solving capability.

Individuals with a growth mindset have the ability to set aside the here and now, the common solutions, and responses and can consider, try, and even develop new solutions and options that may yield greater results.

So how do you know if you have a growth mindset versus a closed mindset? Begin by reflecting on your last challenge – financial, spiritual, relational, etc.  At the moment you first became aware, did you begin with what you can do or what you cannot do?

Pair that answer with a little brutal honesty, and you will have a pretty good guess. If you are unsure and think you may be missing something, we should talk.

Your life is only as good as your mindset.

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