Being Unconsciously Defeated

About 6 months ago I started down a path looking at resistance and procrastination and how it affects entrepreneurs.

I see this every single day in my 1:1, Group, and 5-Day Framework classes. It really does not matter the entrepreneur, their years in business, or the size of their company.

We all do it.

What I did not expect was to uncover all the ways that my resistance shrouds itself in my life. Things that I once thought just road bumps or points of hesitation or frustration are actually resistance and procrastination in disguise.

And let me tell you—those guys are wicked good. Sneaky rascals.

Probably the most interesting discovery is that resistance often shows up in my life as sleepiness.

When I am up against a task that I do not want to do, or that I am unsure about what I should do, if I ponder it for any length of time, I get sleepy.

I have also identified others. ( I will spare you the story.)

But super interesting that now I can spot these behaviors, identify them, and almost always break free and knock out the challenge or task.

So what about you? When you “put something off” because you don’t want to do it or you are uncertain about it and just won’t admit it.

How does resistance disguise itself and show up in your life?
I would love to hear.

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