Bad Company’s Impact

Bad Company’s Impact | Kevin Breeding

Who you hang out with has an enormous on how you show up.  The influences and voices that you allow into your life must be chosen very carefully.


If you allow yourself to be surrounded with people who see the world as hard and against them, you will begin to see the world as hard and against you.


In the same way, if you encircle yourself with people who see that all things work for you rather than against you, you will discover this to be true as well.


This one simple act—being selective of who your personal influences are—will make all the difference in your results in life and in business.


I dare you to try it.

The impact of how we think and how we see the world around us is a significant one.


You would do yourself well to take a few moments to evaluate whether you have the influences of success around you or the voices of fear and self-doubt.

This difference is remarkable.


Think about that.

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