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Building Business - Life: Scream or Enjoy The Ride

Building Business – It Is A Wild Ride

Building Business:  It is good to be back in the saddle

Building a business is a thrill, a chore, a journey, and encouragement, a discouragement, and a hundred other emotions all at once.  The highs are the highest of highs and the lows are the lowest of lows.  Yet, even with all of that, I would not trade it for the world.

About two years ago, I began journaling extensively about the past several years, by business, family, health, life, etc.  At first, I thought it was just a mental release that I was using as a type of therapy – it was much needed after several year season that included a failed business, a divorce, a bankruptcy, and a bout with my health that was really starting to press in on my life.  Finally, one day I started going back and reading sections of the journal and discovered patterns that I had put into place that built my way out and through.  I also got a huge dose of looking at my progress rather than focusing on how much farther I needed to go.

This is a principal thought, by the way:  When on a journey – pay closer attention to how far you have come than to how much farther you have to go.

What I discovered is that through my time of review, in the pages of my journal, were specific steps that I had been taking to rebuild everything in my life.  There were seven distinct aspects of my life that I had taken hold of, and invested in them.  These seven areas are:

  1. My Business – Entrepreneur or being employed
  2. My Relationships – Spouse, Children, Parents, Co-workers, etc.
  3. My Health – Nutrition, Workout, Mental Well-being
  4. My Education – Formal or Personal Development
  5. My Interests – Recreation, Writing, Paint, Music
  6. My Spirit – Devotion, Prayer, Meditation
  7. My Life’s Purpose – Why am I here and what am I supposed to do to impact mankind

So now what?  I am finalizing an ebook, a book, and an audio series that shares the principals and tools that have put me back on track.  It is a powerful story that even I am surprised by.

My encouragement to you for today is this:  Regardless of whether you are – on top, in a crash, or somewhere in between – take a deep look inside and consider what are you doing to build into YOUR seven areas.  I am certain it will be worth your while.


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