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Saddle Up (If You Have the Chance)

Now you and I may not ever get the chance to be at the early stages of a Facebook-styled company.  But maybe that is not the opportunity we should be looking for. But we SHOULD be looking every day for ours. So what does your rocket ship look like exactly? Well, here at Mindset Engine, […]

No Benefits from Being Sketchy

Most of us never quite go truly “all in” because we have not yet committed to a plan we believe in fully. Oh, we may say it and give it lip service, but when the going gets tough, we give up all too easily.  The reason we do is that we do not really believe […]

Bitter but Sweet

The power of the truth between friends is something truly amazing. It is nothing short of magical when one individual is free to openly invest in another with the truth versus empty words of a lie. Even though we may not want to hear it at the time, the truth, told with respect, will be […]

Your REAL Wealth

For most, real wealth is not something that is realized until somewhat later in life. No so much because of the time required to earn it. Rather, gaining wealth takes time because it is not recognized until after some experience has passed over you. That is not to say that wealth is not for the […]

A Mindset All Its Own

I think I could write a book of mindset principles all based upon the works of Dr. Seuss—simple in form but profound in meaning and application. As is today’s Mindset for Today. Knowledge and wisdom take us places. So, what types of things are you actively doing to expand your knowledge and your experience in […]

Open and Upward

You would not believe the power of a mind that is open and focused upward. For years, researchers and scientists alike have proven that people with an optimistic view of possibility see far more opportunities than of those who are pessimistic and limited in their thought. Although accomplishment requires far more than simple woo-woo thinking, […]

Triumph in Overcoming

There is perhaps no greater feeling than the sense of accomplishment. And especially so when the win comes on the heels of facing adversity. Coming through the fire and proven worthy in victory is an incredible confidence builder and reminder that you can carry for a lifetime. I remember clearly what it was like when […]

Pleasure and Pain

We have two very clear markers in our mind that help us recall specific instances and experiences in our life. Pleasure and pain. Although learning through pain is far more common, we also set deep mental markers when we learn or experience something midst pleasure. Not all pleasure is physical.  There are many emotions and […]

Lessons from…

It is a common theme here at Mindset Engine because it is universal to us all. All of us—no matter life station, wealth, or experience—learn from pain more than from abundance. Perhaps we are learning equally, but when in times of peril, we are more aware of the magnitude of the lesson…I’m not sure. However, […]

Be Prepared

There are many tools and resources we can draw upon when committing to growing and changing our lives.  None, however are as important as our self-image, confidence, and belief. I know first-hand that it is not always the one with the best marketing or with the best looks. No, the victory usually goes to the […]