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The Great Fighter

Frank Mir says that the difference between a good fighter and a great fighter is mindset. Now, obviously I believe mindset is one of the single most important things in the life of an entrepreneur and a business professional; otherwise, I would not have built Mindset Engine for you. But the important thing with mindset […]

Truth in Effort

: Dr. Carol Dweck in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, explains the concept of having a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. One of the key principles of a growth mindset is the relationship that we have with effort. Effort is one of those things that gives meaning to life. It simply […]

Risks and Wisdom

Taking risk is something that entrepreneurs have a love/hate relationship with. We love it because of the energy and the adventure that can come with it. With that risk also comes a great opportunity for failure, for ridicule, for suffering, or for the struggle. But we know that our struggles and challenges are the sources […]

The Past and The Future

This concept of writing a letter to your past and then also to your future is a very powerful tool that I use with my coaching clients. When thinking about something in our past that is adverse, we tend to remember it far worse than it actually was.  We often inflate the traumatic incident and […]

Do Not Judge Me By My Successes

For many of us as entrepreneurs, patience is not an ingredient we have a lot of.  We like to go, move, and get things done…now. At the same time, this gift of drive and focus can become a judge that allows a voice of discouragement to run rampant in our head. There have been many […]

Compounding Investment

We all like nice things. But if you take a look, nice (and expensive) things actually could cost you a whole lot more than you originally thought. I am not opposed to taking care of ourselves with quality provisions and rewards. However, if we do so at the expense of our health or our mindset, […]

The Perspective of Speed

In one of my Group Calls, I have people who are just making the jump from the corporate world into their first entrepreneurial venture. At times it feels like that they’re moving so slow, it is like a turtle’s pace. They are often frustrated because they see other people moving super-fast. Other people appear to […]

The Toxics

We all have them. Friends, family members, co-workers, Facebook ‘friends’. You know who I am talking about… Those people who drain energy from us rather than build energy into us—the Zombies in our life. I am talking about the people that we cringe when they call us; we try to scroll past their self-absorbed rants […]

What Courage is Not

Recently I had a conversation with a group of entrepreneurs about the idea and the concept of courage. Many often misunderstand—believing that courage is the ability to throw the facts out the window and storm the gates anyway. The truth is courage is being able to take wisdom, understanding, and fortitude to keep driving forward […]

Mindset of Greatness

Michael Jordan is, without question, one of the greatest athletes of all time. One of the big reasons why is because he is known for embracing failure. There were several times and seasons in his life where he did not make the winning shot or when he didn’t make the team. Michael Jordan will tell […]