Authentic Wealth

In interview after interview with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, I continue to be amazed at how much genuinely successful world class entrepreneurs will tell you that the hardest struggle in their career is their greatest jewel in their crown.

They recognize the success they have achieved was born out of that struggle.

Is it odd that almost all have this common experience? I think not.

There is the common saying that says, “if it were easy, everyone would have already done it.” I think that is true.

Building a business on your own is tough.  But it is also liberating and wildly creative. At the same time, it is also scary, captivating, motivating, and just plain fun—IF you are jazzed by that thought.

Successful entrepreneurs are like modern-day explorers.  We simply cannot leave well enough alone and have to find a way. It is not enough to sit in an office or cubicle and dream about it.

We simply cannot not build our dream.  We have to.

What you are building may not be easy, but it is certainly going to be worth it. Whether it makes money for your or not, the process of building is where your authentic wealth comes from.

Of course, then I suggest you build something that can bring revenue, but if revenue is your goal, then stay where you are.  The world is already far too full “those” entrepreneurs.

Take Action:

I encourage you to look for the positive things that happened yesterday and look for the positive things that happen today. Every business, every venture, every project takes a ton of energy and a ton of effort. The joy comes in the success of building.

Money will follow, and that’s just extra.

Think about that.

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