And Yet We Still Do It

Today’s Mindset sounds almost absurd at first, however, I can assure you it is the most powerful once you truly understand it.

We would all love to believe that we are free from judgement and critique.  But we live in the real world, not the world that is portrayed on Facebook and Instagram.

As a result, it is critical to our future that we learn how to no listen to those you are not directly in our advisory realm.

Everyone has an opinion.  NONE of them should matter to you unless you have invited that person into your realm exclusively to seek their counsel.

Otherwise, you would do yourself wise to learn how to not hear and not see people’s opinion of us.

Yet, we still do it All. The. Time.

We often make the mistake of letting that one voice in when we should not.  Remember, no one can live in your mind unless you give them access.

Guard yourself.  Think about that.

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