Against All Odds

Our priorities and beliefs make up an enormous amount of our decision making.  As a result, we can prompt our swift action just as easily as we can psych ourselves out to inaction.

So, the real question is, “what do you want?” and “what do you believe?”

With the answer to those two questions, you can determine your direction and path quick easily.

But what do you do when the odds are not in your favor? Where is the tipping point to make you take action anyway?


It all comes down to how much you want what you want.

Take building a business for example.  Being an entrepreneur and building a business from nothing and showing up every day, even when it feels like nothing is happening, is hard.

But that does not mean you stop—at least not if you really want something bad enough. Because if so, you will stop at nothing until you reach your dream and goal.

So what about you? Are you driving forward or sitting on the sidelines, hoping?

Is that what you are meaning to do?

Think about that.

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