A Slave to Praise

Take if from one of the foremost psychologists who specializes in the research of mindset.  Dr. Carol Dweck can clearly speak to the impact of those who learn to grow through struggle versus those who are raised in a challenge-free, praise riddled manner.

All of us, if honest, would admit that real life growth and change occur from struggle far more than from success.

As a result, we would do well to help our children and our clients learn to see the good when things go less than wonderful.

We are doing no one a favor when we sugarcoat reality and cover it with pseudo-praise.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of being an encouragement and positive praise when needed and warranted. But we must always focus on the desired outcome for those we are praising.

The world will not always praise them. Nor will they be coddled forever—short of you making them a trust fund kid.

So I encourage you…raise your kids to be real people in the real world.  A little dirt never hurt anyone. Neither did a bit of struggle and hardship.

Remember—the hotter the fire, the stronger the steel.

Think about that.

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