A Simple Reminder

A Simple Reminder | Kevin Breeding

Two principles to share here:

1 – Comparison is the thief of joy; and

2 – Perfect is the enemy of progress.


When you join those two principles together, it is easy to give yourself permission to just keep moving forward and improve as you go along.


So many “could-be” successes are mere steps away from achieving their dream, only to give up just before they reach their goal.


So, unless you are an Olympic skater or gymnast, perfection and its pursuit can actually keep you from moving forward quickly—or even at all.


A good friend of mine, Ryan Levesque, always says, “It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to get going.”

The challenge is to learn and know how to proceed.

Of course, I know you want to be excellent, but I hope that you will come to a place of balance so that you can keep moving forward.


Challenge yourself to be great (while also cutting yourself a little slack.). There is a lot of momentum to be had when you do.


Think about that.

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