A Phoenix Story

None of us would ever wish devastation and tragedy upon another person—not even our worst enemy.

But with that in mind, what is there to learn from our own personal tragedy and struggle. 

I experienced a divorce and a bankruptcy within the same six-month period several years ago.  To say I was devastation is beyond an understatement.

I remember being at the lowest of the low in my life as all that was happening.

But today, I can (now) say without question that I am thankful for the experience. 


From that experience, I have learned that I am capable of overcoming anything I set my mind to.

Do you know how powerful that is to know?

While at one point in the past I was completely broken and lost, today, I am clear and confident of where I am, where I am going, and what I need to get there.

Where before I was trapped in indecision, today, I am certain, confident, and clear on what is next.

Tragedy was my teacher…and I listened, well.

Think about that.

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