A Hidden, Secret Power

A Hidden, Secret Power | Kevin Breeding

It does not matter if you have the talent of an Olympic athlete or if you are an average Joe, like me. You have a secret power that is able to assist you in achieving virtually anything.


But sadly, so many of us fail to use it.  Sure, we may pick it up and give it a quick try now and then, but all too often we leave this powerhouse resource sitting idle when we need it most.


Perseverance—that daily drive to keep going even when you do not feel like it—is a genuine secret weapon.


All too often, we give up when things get tough, not realizing we are merely steps away from a major success.


So next time you are up against a wall and fearful of the outcome, my word to you today is to keep moving forward.


Just keep doing what you know and believe in.  The outcome, more times than not, is progress and momentum.


Keeping focused and moving forward is your best weapon 90% of the time.


Think about that.

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