A Core Asset

A Core Asset | Kevin Breeding

You have an incredible asset hiding in plain sight that for most of us, we completely miss or sadly, ignore.


What is it? Our family.


Not only in the traditional sense.  I have friends whose family is a group of friends, a business partnership, young people they have adopted to mentor.  Family comes in all shapes and sizes.


All families have one superpower often missed and neglected.




But let’s face it.  Family can also be tough at times.  Divorce, adolesence, financial challenges, all can make it tough to see through the haze.  Those issues are simply that—issues.


How do I know?  I lost my family for a while after having a business go up in flames, a divorce, and a bankruptcy all happen within a six month period.  It was terrible.


But over the last seven years, I have learned that family is where my core and center feeds from. I am spent a ton of time rebuilding my relationships with my two girls, and the rewards are off the chart.  They are the best business and life advisors I have.


Added to that, the second marriage with my wife that I have known for 36 years, and the joy of two additional girls in our blended family.

As a family of six, three in college, one in high school, a new marriage and a new business building, life is good, busy, hectic, and perfect, all at the same time.


I would not trade it for the world, but I had to re-learn how to be thankful for it.


Take Action:

Stop what you are doing right now, and write a letter to each of your children.  Not an email, and actual hand-written letter.  If you do not have time to do so at this minute, set an appointment in your calendar right now and make sure it gets done before the day’s end.


Your children (and your spouse) need to know that they have your thoughts, love, and attention.  As entrepreneurs, we often get caught up in our own busy whirlwind and forget why we are doing this all in the first place.


Think about that.

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