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The 5-Day Framework

Rapid Design Problem Solving Method
for Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

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Overcoming Roadblocks with The 5-Day Framework

5 Day Model | Kevin Breeding

When to Use The 5-Day Framework

This unique tool is all about overcoming roadblocks and getting to the work and life that you want and were meant to do.

Born out of the tech development structures of giants like Google, Apple, and Google Ventures, the 5-Day Framework is a proven methodology to help you make significant decisions and take action quickly, clearly, and with confidence.

Past cohorts have successfully tackled questions like:

  • When to hire a #2 for your company
  • How to prep your team to allow time away for medical attention
  • Overcoming severe self-doubt that leaves you trapped in inaction
  • Adding a business product that is on-brand, inline with team, and profitable
  • Dealing with conflicts between teams and partners effectively and quickly

Plus, many other challenges have been solved or a plan created in the hundreds of 5-Day sessions to date.

Over 10 hours of personalized coaching and problem solving workshop time. New cohorts are forming today!

Here’s How it Works

Each Cohort progresses as a team with morning training and workshop time, followed by afternoon Q&A live with Kevin and his team. Day One through Day Five you receive:

  • 20-30 minute training session that includes exercises, resources, tools, and action steps.
  • Afternoon live Q&A calls with hot seats to help the group
  • Private Facebook group for collaboration, strategy, and encouragement.

If you do the work of the framework, by the end of day five, you will have solved your challenge or have a clear path and timeline of how to do so.

Signs the 5-Day Framework is for You:

Frustrated that things are not getting done

Cannot seem to get off center and get started with your next move

Been thinking about the same step forward for month after month

Have a looming challenge that you have been ignoring

Know that scaling up requires a big next move

Not sure how to deal with a family member or business partner

What others say about us…

Vanessa Carter

Why did I not know about this before? I sat stuck and did not take action for what seemed like forever! The framework gave me the confidence to face my dragon and slay it. Finally!

Vanessa CarterMarketing Consultant
Anna Ruiz

You told me over and over that my hesitation was an excuse. I hate it when you are right, and the framework proved it to me.  To think that in 5 days, I managed to solve what has been holding me back more than a year.

Anna RuizEntrepreneur
Kenny Ackerman

I have worked with Kevin as a marketing expert and now as a coach. His work to help me think differently about my leadership style has made a night and day difference in our gallery. Now it is time to adjust my goals up.

Kenny AckermanFine Art Gallery
Marcus Railey

Best money I ever spent! Kevin brought the perfect balance of business and life experience to the conversation. I swear there were time I thought he had hidden cameras around. Just what I needed and he helped me find a blind spot I didn’t even know I had.

Marcus RaileyWellness Coach