3 Ways to Breaking Blogger’s Block

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Blogger’s Block

3 Tips to Breaking Blogger’s Block

Blogger’s Block:  Creating content for your blog, website, or social media feed is a constant task.  I often remind clients that I work with that although they absolutely need to be blogging and creating a social media conversation, “Once you create the beast, you have to feed the beast!”

Writer’s or Blogger’s Block is fairly common and makes even the most seasoned writer shudder at the thought.  Fortunately, there are several tricks and tips to break open the jam and let the creative juices flow!  Here are a few of the most helpful for me:

  1. Keep Your Idea Journal with You at All Times—I keep a simple black journal in my backpack so that when an idea hits I can jot it down.  More times than not, ideas for blogging occur when I am on a flight, or walking through the airport, or on the phone with a partner/client.  Just a simple sentence or phrase will provide fodder for several posts on a theme.
  2. Ask Yourself What the People You Are Trying to Reach Will Be Typing into a Search Today—Mental role play is a helpful tool in getting into the minds of the people you are trying to reach.  By asking what they will be searching for, you may uncover several days’ worth of post ideas (then be sure to journal them so you don’t forget).
  3. Stop Trying to Sell—More times than not, people I support are trying to use their blog to sell you something.  All the posts come off as cheesy and self-serving.  As a result, their conversion rates are abysmal if even measurable. People know you are highlighting your business in order to grow it.  There is no need to bang them over the head with a pitch.  Give them information that meets their need while giving them an opportunity to follow your tweetfeed or peruse your site.  If you commit to providing truly helpful information, they will more than likely come looking for your expertise.

Blogging and your editorial calendar should not be a burden to your marketing efforts.  It should simply be the beginning of a conversation – marketing, not selling.  Now, see? Right there is a phrase that I will now journal for a future post.  Ideas are everywhere!

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