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To Build the
Entrepreneur's Business,
You Must First Build
the Entrepreneur.

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Mastering Mindset | Kevin Breeding

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15 World-Class Entrepreneurs Reveal the Secrets that Skyrocketed Their Business.


Mindset Engine

Mindset Engine is a Daily Resource for Entrepreneurs and Leaders Who Want to Break Free of Roadblocks and Limiting Actions.

5-Day Framework

Rapid Design Problem Solving Framework Designed for Solo-preneurs, Private Teams, and Corporate Leadership.

Private Client

Exclusive, Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions Designed Uniquely Around Your Situation and Goals. 3-5 Strategy Calls per Month with On-Demand Email, Text, and Resources.

The 5-Day Framework for
Entrepreneurs and Teams

Take any problem, challenge, or roadblock and solve it in 5 days.

This innovative decision framework is adapted from the tools and concepts of some of the largest tech companies in the world, only interpreted into a model to build your business.

The 5-Day Framework can be experienced 1:1, in Private Groups onsite or virtually, or in a shared cohort online.

What Clients Say

“Kevin knows business, but that isn’t his true strength. Although he is adept at helping you build your business through strategic and tactical advice, Kevin’s real strength is building the entrepreneur — aligning your true desires and your true self with your vision, ensuring that you are building a business that will feed you, and building your internal capacity to live the entrepreneurial journey with purpose, fulfillment, and authenticity.”

Dr. Robyn Brooks
Dr. Robyn BrooksBest-Selling Author, Speaker, and CEO of Mindsteps, Inc.

“Kevin brings to bear a deeply varied set of tangible and practical skills and experiences, and if you have any doubt as to whether he would be able to make you better at whatever you’re trying to get better at, spend 10 minutes with him.  You’ll understand why so many of today’s incredible people choose to keep Kevin Breeding on speed dial.”

Benjamin Portnoy
Benjamin PortnoyAuthor, Speaker, Voiceover Talent

“I cannot think of a single major life or business decision I have made that he wasn’t right there with me, evaluating and pointing out all of the options in front of me.  Kevin has such a vast array of experience that is like opening up a “life & business for dummies” book, and on the other hand, he’s like having that caring older brother who will guard your back.”

Chad Cox
Chad CoxCEO Buzz Rocket Media and Recording Artist

Daily Insights and Focus Exercises for Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

Mindset Engine is a free app designed to help you get clear and on purpose every day. Top-shelf entrepreneurs all say that the importance of mindset in your daily rhythm is critical to blowing past roadblocks and reaching your goals.

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I Make Sense of Things.

Clients tell me all the time that I take complex
challenges that they have been wrestling
with, put them in order, and make them
easy to execute.

Together, we discover how to:
- Scale your business to where you want
- Identify resistance that is stealing your success
- Develop systems and processes you need
- Train to think as a next level CEO
- Create a business path that is authentic to you

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