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In my career I have hired several coaches. Some ascribed to a particular philosophy and approach and attempted to put me through a certain “process” regardless of whether it was a fit for who I am and what I was trying to accomplish. Others saw themselves as “accountability partners” and attempted to push or shame me towards my goals. Kevin does neither. Instead, he takes time to .READ MORE

Dr. Robyn Brooks @Robyn_Mindsteps

CEO, Mindsteps Inc. | Entrepreneur | Author | Speaker

“I call very few people ‘exceptional human beings.’ Kevin Breeding takes that title in spades. Early in my career, I watched him lead teams of dozens performing disparate jobs. He consistently brought a sense of grace, calm, and…READ MORE

Benjamin Portnoy @benjaminportnoy


Benefits of Procrastination

Procrastination is incredibly beneficial. (SCREEECH Sound Effect) Wait! What? Procrastination is incredibly beneficial.  There I said it—but probably not in the way you think. I have discovered over the past several years as an entrepreneur that when procrastination...

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Mindset: Is it as critical as people say?

“Everything You Think About Your Future is Correct— Regardless If It Is Actually True or Not.” I made that statement about mindset the other day while on a coaching call.  As soon as I said it, the person on the other end of the line said, “Wait. ...

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Iterate the Path, Not the Dream

I have been on a journey for the last few years. The tale is pretty wide, deep, and at times fairly gruesome. But truthfully, I would not change much. The key for me—in highs and lows—is knowing that the dream is constant. The path may change as I iterate, but the...

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Coaching Models That Fit Where You Are

Day One Strategy Session

Intensive Deep Dive into where you are and where you want to be. Sessions can be live or online, and full-day or half-day. The end product is a strategic plan with tactics you can act on immediately!

Weekly Coaching Call

Content-packed coaching calls with leading experts and Q & A for best practices, tools and resources, and solutions to give you a clear path for serious impact and change.

Private Client Group

1:1 Private Client coaching specifically focused on your challenges and initiatives, with detailed action plans, follow-up, and emergency “parachute calls.”

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